Lettuce is Grown Right Inside the Supermarket to Sell Without Packaging—a Hydroponic Garden in a Fridge


Source: Good News Network https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

Publication date: 13-10-2022

Down in Cairo, a supermarket is taking its produce aisle to a new level of freshness.

A hydroponic fridge grows different kinds of lettuce right there in the store, ensuring that no one has to complain about freshness or travel distance.

A hydroponic system is a way of growing certain plants in humid tubes without soil, supplemented with liquid fertilizer and nutrients. The system uses 90% less water than soil gardening, and is perfect for fast growing greens.

Schaduf, the company, hopes to expand the technology to other stores to help reduce the carbon footprint of the travel associated with fresh fruit and veg.

Hydroponic farms are becoming more and more common in built-up areas, creating indoor vertical farms stored in warehouses, or rooftop gardens even in large cities like Montreal.

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