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Our landscape design team recognizes the importance of creating responsible designs of all types, scales and at all stages of planning. We look towards the uniqueness of natural, cultural, and historical surroundings to provide inspiration, while continuously evolving to integrate new understandings.

Working in tandem with nature to achieve appealing results, we design outdoor spaces that are timeless and establish relationships that strengthen these concepts for future projects and generations.

Driven by their belief in holistic development, land preservation, and aesthetics, our architects challenge themselves to continuously improve the interaction and harmony between people and place. We offer our clients fully-coordinated, comprehensive project services that include feasibility, planning, and all design stages through to tendering and construction site supervision.

Our landscape design company has the advantage of being part of a multi-disciplinary organization allowing us instant, direct access to complementary expertise including cost consultants, agronomists, lighting specialists, and environmental consultants. This allows us to provide the very best of landscape design services to our clients across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and all over the UAE.

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What We Do?


Our team of planners assures an integrated multidisciplinary approach, where various design disciplines are interconnected and fully coordinated. Throughout our early intervention, we guide our clients through important strategic decisions to ensure optimal land use program, cost effectiveness and feasibility.


Our designs are exclusively tailored to have a unique character by capturing the site’s characteristics, context and the nature of its development to meet each its unique spectrum of challenges. Our team of specialists use a customized range of indigenous plants and materials based on their extensive knowledge of the M.E regional requirements.


Our holistic and multidisciplinary design approach in the planning and analysis of our projects, aims to create urban spaces where architecture blends with landscape architecture and engineering, providing a foundation for memorable experiences and maintaining balance and visual harmony to the surrounding environment.


Our thinking of sustainability extends far beyond following traditional credentials at the end of the process, to letting the environmental focus drive our designs. We select materials based not on aesthetics as the primary driver, but on what local regions can supply. This approach reinforces local identity and sustainability.


Our project management team ensures all design disciplines are fully synthesized and technically coordinated. Supervision by the designing firm is a huge advantage as it assures a high-quality project output as ideas and details are communicated correctly with little interference.

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We had some ideas in mind that we shared with the Schaduf team who suggested brave ideas that embrace the surrounding environment. At first, we were in doubt but after seeing the design sketch, we loved it.


We wanted our visitors to enjoy an abundance of adventurous activities while maintaining a captivating modern scenery

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