Green wall

Green walls – also known as vertical gardens or living walls – are plants grown on exterior or interior walls, which are attached with special materials and a built-in automatic irrigation system.

Green walls are an integral part of our company and our dream is to see them adapted all over Egypt and all the Arab countries  due to their extraordinary benefits. Our green walls transform dull and empty spaces into lush and lively green spaces.

In addition to the breath-taking scenery, green walls have many other benefits that make them an obvious choice. Diversity is the key, and by utilizing hundreds of different types of plants and advanced hydroponic techniques we create striking patterns and unique designs. We achieve this by utilizing a multitude of colors, textures, and sizes that nature provides.


Saves energy by keeping building cooler in summer & warmer in winter

Protects exterior walls from weather damage and corrosion

Adds sound insulation from from outside street noise

Improves air quality by filtering pollutants and adding rich oxygen to the air

Adds strong branding in retail spaces or reception areas

Transforms dull, functional corridors and waiting spaces into attractive indoor gardens

Turns stressful workspaces into attractive, green environments

Reduces noise levels and aids concentration

Improves productivity and elevates our mood

Green Walls portfolio

Al Guezira Plaza (GP)
Private Residence (KD)
Private Residence (LV)
Private Residence (MM)
Expleo Company HQ (MR1,2,3)
KI Wellness & Spa (PHC1&2)
Private Residence (R)
Private Residence (S1,2,3)
Private Residence (WS1,2)







Our green walls don’t need to be connected to the soil in the ground, since we use advanced hydroponic techniques. They are completely waterproof, with an automatic irrigation system, special materials, and most importantly, plants.

The frame is built in front of a pre existing wall and attached at various points; there is no damage done to the building. Waterproof panels are mounted to the frame to provide structural support. There is a layer of air between the building and the panels, which adds beneficial insulating properties and further protects the building envelope.

Our green walls are low maintenance thanks to an automatic irrigation system. They are water efficient, using state of the art water recycling technologies. A lightweight porous material takes the place of soil and therefore the walls are very light, weighing less than 35 kg/m2.


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Estelle & Ramy Partner

It did not take us much time to find Schaduf; an absolute reference in hydroponics in Egypt

SM Beneficiary

The hydroponic offered me products to use in the household and to sell and increase my income

KA Beneficiary

This project is good; I hope more people install hydroponics on their roofs.


I enjoy quality relaxing time in my patio by the green wall everyday


Our customers enjoy their time here. We always get their requests to take their photos by the green wall


The green wall emphasizes our brand identity of being a calm and fresh place to spend time


The table farm became literally my cup of tea. Each day, I enjoy my after work tea with mint


It just fits in not only my space but also my lifestyle


I am looking forward seeing my favorite herbs grow a little bit everyday


I have tried growing herbs so many times and my plants always die. This is no longer a problem


We had some ideas in mind that we shared with the Schaduf team who suggested brave ideas that embrace the surrounding environment. At first, we were in doubt but after seeing the design sketch, we loved it.


We wanted our visitors to enjoy an abundance of adventurous activities while maintaining a captivating modern scenery

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Marcus Fields
Marketing Manager

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