Eddy’s Good News: Farm not fire in Cairo and a new dating pop up based on plants?!

virgin radio uk

Source: Virgin Radio UK

Publication date: 24-10-2022

When I was 15 years old one of my favourite songs was Fire In Cairo by The Cure, but now, all these decades later it’s not Fire In Cairo, but farm in Cairo, a vertical farm to be precise, in a fridge, in a supermarket!

Say salaam alaikum to Schaduf, a ground breaking Egyptian supermarket who are aiming to take the air miles or road miles out of their fruit and veg department and they’ve started this with a big fridge where you can just pick your own lettuce and other herbs, so they could not be any fresher.

The garden to bag idea happens thanks to hydroponic vertical farming, which I’ve shared with you in good news before, but this is the first time vertical farming has crossed over with food retail. Schaduf are planning to expand this to other shops, to lower their CO2 footprint and give their customers food that’s fresh as a daisy!


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