Schaduf Company uses Technology to Establish 500 Farms in “Helwan” Within 3 years


Source: Vapulus

Publication date: 10-25-2018

Shaduf company is considered one of the most famous companies in the field of agriculture, it was established in 2011, it is planting roofs and walls.

Through the use of the latest types of hydroponic agricultural technology and based on the latest technologies, it has developed and established 500 farms in Helwan within 3 years.

Schaduf Company

There are many benefits to rooftop farming that benefit the environment, prevent dust and various dirt, and have clean food.

It is a source of income for many families, and the aim is to increase green areas in residential cities, especially in the cities in Cairo.

Schaduf Company uses technology to establish 500 farms in “Helwan” within 3 years

In addition, about 500 farms will be cultivated within 3 years through the Caravan Al Khair Association for Enterprise Development, which is funded by the Swiss Foundation Drosos.

This is in the Helwan area and the surrounding suburbs. Training is available for about 850 individuals, and about 150 farms have been planted so far in Helwan.

In addition, the family will contribute to the cost by 5%, and training is done through them, whether training, supervision, follow-up and supply of supplies.

There is also a production unit that receives the crop for planting and distributes it in the market, and there is also a unit that performs drying for increasing the market.

There are also many different methods, which are modern cultivation, such as hydroponic units, which are without soil, and the roots must be connected to water.

This water contains nutrients for plants with the presence of vertical cultivation and horizontal cultivation, and it does not need soil to be planted in it.

In addition, they rely on small spaces, herbs and leaves.

And the cultivation in this case is monthly because hydroponics has a great advantage that is not controlled by the season for the cultivation of soil.

Which makes the material return more than it is and much better. There is also an impressive amount of waste, old plates and barrels.

As for the modern systems, soy is grown through the company and vegetables and fruits are eaten without being contaminated.

Just like in the old days, this cultivation is very beneficial.

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