IOM initiative for Providing Households with NR units


In partnership with the International Organization for Migration: Schaduf announces the launch of a new initiative to promote green livelihood opportunities for migrants 


Schaduf Hydroponic Units, known as “NR”, provide easy-to-use and climate-adaptive solutions to ensure high-quality agricultural produce, rich in nutritional value. 

18th Oct 2021 

Cairo, Egypt 

Considering the partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Schaduf will install 17 “NR 100” units on the rooftops of the participants’ homes in the Greater Cairo area. 

Schaduf’s newly launched “NR 100” units consist of eco-friendly smart hydroponics systems, which provide the nutritious ingredients needed for plant growth, temperature control system and water level control system. The irrigation pipes covering the units form an area of 3m x 7m where plants are grown in a nutrient solution. The unit’s design also includes a smart desert air conditioner and a smart meter to control water and nutrients. 

Schaduf’s smart evaporative air-cooling system has been designed in an environmentally friendly manner to ensure plants grow at the right temperatures. The smart control device also provides the plants with appropriate water and nutrition through an easy-to-use automated system, to ensure that the cultivated plants receive their water needs and the required nutrients. The NR 100 unit also contains a seedling incubator allowing the entire life cycle and production of the plant to be covered and to ensure that seedlings are available for production. When used for lettuce farming, the NR 100 unit can produce about 400 heads of lettuce per month. 

“We are committed to our duty to empower communities, not only by providing support but also by developing smart agricultural alternatives and solutions that are both environmentally and user friendly,” added Sherif Hosny, CEO of Schaduf. 

As an opportunity for cultural exchange and community cohesion, Schaduf will conduct three training sessions for 17 participating immigrant and Egyptian families. Training topics include basic agricultural concepts, the use of hydroponics to grow lettuce and other leafy crops, as well as project management training courses. 


After the units are installed, and with the start of farming, Schaduf will provide visits from its participating experts for follow-up and technical support as well as facilitate market integration opportunities. 


The program aims to build integration between migrants and local communities while opening the door to opportunities for social cohesion. This intervention is part of IOM’s ongoing efforts to engage at the social and economic level, with the aim of improving and empowering migrant communities in Egypt. 


To learn more about Schaduf’s “NR 100” units, visit our website 

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