What is a Green Roof?  

Green roof also known as living roof is a vegetated landscape built up from a series of layers that are installed on a roof surface, and it is one of the ways that provides a perfect environment for plants in buildings, especially in roof top, which is the most neglected and underutilized area in most buildings. 

It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.


Why you should have a Green Roof?

> Green roof protect the building and its residents from adverse climate conditions especially in summertime, thus reducing energy and building’s maintenance costs.
>Green roof act like a sponge in heavy rainfall events, absorb the storm water and drain the excess water through its drainage system.
> Green roof not only add ecological and atheistic value to the building but also increase its market value and price.
> During lockdowns and curfews, green roofs create a breather and a place for relaxation and recreation especially for children and seniors.

What are the services Come with Green Roof?

Roof Design



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I enjoy quality relaxing time in my patio by the green wall everyday


Our customers enjoy their time here. We always get their requests to take their photos by the green wall


The green wall emphasizes our brand identity of being a calm and fresh place to spend time

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