How to Profit from Rooftop Farming? Three Tips to Consider

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How to Profit from Rooftop Farming?

Three Tips to Consider

Many people are looking for opportunities to increase their income. With the spread of the culture of concern for the environment and sustainability, Rooftop Farming has become the ideal choice for Egyptian families.

With the recent re-emergence of agriculture in and around cities, people reconnect with agriculture by growing food themselves and visiting farmers’ markets.

As you can now use this neglected area of your house on the roof to grow food crops that your local community needs.

In this article, we highlight the three most frequently asked questions about Rooftop Farming.

1- Find a Demand in your Local Area

Understanding and studying the market are very important steps for anyone considering starting their own startup.

As this will help to understand the appropriate channels that will facilitate the arrival of your product to the doors of your customers.

With the increasing awareness of natural products and crops, Rooftop Farming represents a very ideal opportunity to meet this demand, as you can have chemical-free crops.

If we go back to talking about the appropriate channels to reach the customers’ doors, we can look at applications like Fakhany and InstaShop.

Those grocery apps are focused on filling the void between farms and customers, as well as optimizing the intermediate processes.

2- Build Up a Good Local Customer Base

Rooftop Farming is a very ideal opportunity to strengthen social bonds between you and your local surroundings, so a few simple tips may help you with this.

For example, you could make free juice from your first crop from planting roofs, and distribute it to your neighbors and neighborhood residents.

You can also invite your neighbors and neighborhood residents to visit your rooftop farm.

It would not hurt much if you toured the shops, grocery stores and restaurants in your local area to find out what they were missing and what they needed from the crops.

3- Use an Efficient Hydroponics System

Hydroponics is your ideal rooftop system as it relies on growing plants without soil. Instead, they add nutrients to the water in which the plants are submerged.

Since the water in hydroponic systems is recycled and reused, it can save water in growing crops. Therefore, it will be the NR system provided by Schaduf.

The NR Farm is a tech-enabled greenhouse. It contains a control unit that senses and manipulates a multitude of variables to increase the farm efficiency and ease farm management.

The NR Farm is designed for optimum operational and economic benefits. It’s is designed to give high productivity with low cost and that we have our training and maintenance team that will help your Rooftop Farm.


Planning to Launch your Rooftop Farming Project?

If you’re a Cairo resident, you can benefit from our next initiative that fully funded in which we will support 10 selected Egyptian families. You can learn more about the program details from here.