Four Benefits of House Plants in Meditation

Meditation & Houseplants

With the difficulty of finding places outside the home to practice meditation and yoga, the home has become the right place for that. In order to practice yoga at home, you will need to provide the climate for it.  

Having a green space in your home is the appropriate and ideal solution for practicing meditation at home, and we believe that Schaduf products are very suitable for this purpose for the reasons we mention in this article.  

1- The Air Quality 

Yogic breathing is used to clear the body and mind. It helps clear out toxins and release stagnant energy while bringing in fresh energy and nutrients.  

This meditative practice can help you harness the renewing energy of spring, right on your breath. Therefore, plants make for great air purifiers.  


2- Mood Lifting  

Indoor house plants may seem extra trendy right now, but these plants have more benefits than simply looking nice. House plants actually have many health benefits, such as reducing stress, boosting mood, and enhancing productivity and creativity. 

Creating a leafy sanctuary in your home can really lift your mood. Adding layers and dimension by showing off plants on stools and using Table Farm instantly creates an urban-jungle vibe, which encourages a sense of calm and happiness.  


3- Form and Structure of your Meditation Periphery  

Yoga is about self-enquiry and exploring various structures, shapes, and forms. For the ultimate balance, it should also reflect this in your space through combining yin and yang, masculine and feminine colors and shapes. 

Products like Table Farm with wondrous structure amongst robust leafy plants can help balance the look and feel of your space. 


4- Your Home will be More Comfortable  

Not only do indoor plants add color and liveliness to your space, but they also change physical aspects of the environment in pleasant ways. Plants can increase the relative humidity indoors, reduce noise, screen unattractive areas, and moderate room temperature by shading a bright window. 


Create your Own Sanctuary  

Before you fill a space with furniture and accessories, take some time to think about how you want to feel in that room and how plants might help you achieve that vibe. 

For meditation, there are many styles to choose from, and several require focusing on one point in front of you.

The leaves of plants make for great meditation anchors–their leaves are intricate and hypnotic to look at, you can easily get lost in them. 

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