5 Reasons Why Rooftop Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic Farming

As urban areas have less land space for agriculture, urban farming and rooftop hydroponic farming offer a convenient solution for production of food. In addition to this, you should consider rooftop farming for the following reasons:


  • Uses 70 – 90% less water

Hydroponic systems are water efficient. This is basically because hydroponic systems recirculates and reuses water. This solves so many problems such as the cost of watering as well as water scarcity in some areas.

  • Reduces soil borne pathogens

The idea of hydroponics depends on growing crops in water rather than in soil.  Hence, exposure of the plant to pathogens such as molds is diminished.

  • Offers high nutrient food

Hydroponics grow plants in water with the addition of a nutrient solution. The concentration of the different needed nutrients for the plant and this guarantees the nutritional value of the produced food

  • Produces higher yields

Hydroponics can produce up to 3 times of the plants than usual farming and gardening methods. 

  • Offers an aesthetic atmosphere contributing to improved morale

Have a hydroponic on your roof will bring greenery to your home contributing to mood and morale improvement