Green Roofs by Schaduf

Roof Gardens

Roof gardens add a decorative touch to the building and create a new space for everyone to enjoy. A small garden on the roof also significantly decreases temperature fluctuations on the building, thereby keeping to top floor cooler in the summer and warmer during the cold winter months.


Saves energy by improving top floor temperature

Protects roof from weather damage and corrosion

Adds sound insulation from outside street noise

Instant "wow" factor to anyone that sees it

Promotes pride and feel good factor from residents and employees

Improves air quality by filtering pollutants and adding rich oxygen to the air

How it works:

At Schaduf we use state of the art technology and materials to create your roof garden.

The roof surface is fully insulated by Schaduf and several drainage and soil mix layers are added to create a perfectly looking roof that completely resembles a garden.

Roof Garden by Schaduf



Contact us today to ask any questions or request a site inspection. Our professional team will propose the best solutions that meet your needs.

In preparing each proposal we measure the amount of natural light available to choose the appropriate space and plants that fit with the unique style and decoration of your location.


One of our main goals is to create living works of art. Therefore the next step is determining which plants to use. We strategically select from a stock of hundreds of species, based on characteristics such as colour, texture, pattern and size in order to achieve the greatest visual result. The amount of light and moisture that a plant requires differs greatly from species to species.


Once we establish the installation date, we will arrive at your location and start the process of constructing your green wall. First we set up an automatic irrigation system which will supply the plants with the ideal amount of water and nutrients. Once the wall has been constructed with the irrigation and lighting systems in place the plants are added. This is when nature does its magic.

Within just a few days or weeks depending on the size of the project your wall will be transformed from boring to a green and lush.


At Schaduf we offer maintenance packages which guarantee a beautiful, lush and healthy green wall at all times. They are intended to eliminate any work by you and to give you total peace of mind.

Our professional team is supported by proprietary smart controls that enables to measure the health of the plants remotely.