Fresh Foods

We are firm believers in setting up farms in close proximity to where people live and we try to cater our services to all segments of society. We are currently working with private and public institutions as well as NGOs that set up farms in low income communities. Working hard with our partners, we promise to bring to you fresh, premium quality produce.

Our greens are a unique product born from our community farms setup in Cairo’s low income neighbourhoods. We grow without the use of pesticides to guarantee healthy & clean produce for everyone to enjoy. Each leaf is handpicked with attention and care, and a sustainable process to preserve water and efficiently use spaces. Our community farms are located a short drive to Cairo ensuring our produce is always fresh & nutritious.

Our greens are currently only being sold in Cairo, but we are in the process of setting up community farms with other global partners. Continue following us for future updates, as we are working hard with local farms and partners to introduce several new products that will satisfy the under-served market of health and environmentally conscious consumers.